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  • What’s Dopestudent’s Billing Name on Bank activities ?
    Since we use the credit card checkout company to receive money from different countries, the billing name showed on your bank activity is not Dopestudent, but credit card checkout company's merchant name, which is "FTP*carelectronics" , "PES*growupwealth”  , "BILLBTC.TOP""bluesailor.store",please don't worry if you don't see Dopestudent on your bill, these two names represent us, thanks very much.    
  • Will I Be Notified of My Payment Result?
    Every customer who has paid the order will be notified of the payment result via email (please make sure your email is a valid one), we usually notify you of the payment result within 24 hours after you pay. If your payment is successful, we will let you know the handling and shipping days; if the payment is failed, we will let you know the reason and assist you to take actions to make your payment proceed.
  • Why I was charged more than the amount that receipt showed?
    Sometimes the bank charge a little more than the amount showed on your receipt, that's because in the international payment process, as it relates to the conversion between different currencies, coupled with exchange rate fluctuations,the amount you charged the amount of orders submitted and received your final there may be some difference, which is part of normal circumstances; in addition, some issuing banks may charge a certain amount or percentage of the cost of cross-border payments, which will produce the difference. You can contact the bank for details, we didn't get any extra money besides the receipt's amount, please understand. If they do charge an extra amount which you can't accept, please contact us for a solution, thanks.
  • Why is my payment failed?
    When you pay on Dopestudent website via debit card or credit card, if it's the first time to do international shopping with your card, it is likely to be declined by your bank since they have a hold on your international transactions, and they want you the card holder to call them to authorize it. There are three situations for the payment failure: 1.  If it shows payment declined directly after you check out, that means you either input the wrong card number/info or you used the American Express Card, currently we don't accept American Express card, you need to change to a Visa/Master card to buy. 2. If we email you to notify the payment failure is due to authorization problem, you could call the bank which issued you the card to authorize the payment and contact us after your call, then we could charge again your payment to make it go through. 3. If  we email you to notify the payment failure is due to high risk, this means the credit card checkout system judges the card you use has risk, in this situation you have to reply to our email with a pic of the front of your card and  also call the bank  issued you the card to authorize the payment, only with these two steps we could charge the payment again to make it go through. Thanks for your support and understanding.
  • How could I make payment on Dopestudent
    Currently we accept western union transfer and credit card payment(Master, Visa, and JCB). If you don't have any cards to pay, you could go to a western union spot to do the wire transfer(we will email you about the details),also for those who pay via western union, we will give you a gift item for free.


  • How to make sure my measurement? How do I know if an item fits me or not?
    Since we are an online shopping website, which means you can’t try our products in a fitting room like you always do in a real department store, so making sure your own measurement is very important and could save tons of trouble if you measured your sizing correctly. Please find a piece of clothes you are most comfortable with, and find a ruler(we mark our measurement in centimeter). Also please notice for the chest length you need to multiple two when you get one side’s chest length. Once you have your measurement, you could apply it in your future online shopping. dopestudent-size
  • What are the defects of the goods?Is it acceptable?
    You don't need to worry at the defects at all actually, we staff will carefully examine every piece of goods we ship, definitely control the defects in an acceptable range. Usually it's just the main tags, sleeve tags printing or minor sewing problem, which are not obvious, if there are any particular noticeable defects, we will surely contact you to ask if you could accept upon the products, if you can't, we could issue the full refund.
  • What are factory products?
    Factory products are products gotten directly from the factories without those intermediates, we guarantee every item is shipped with great quality after careful check and examination .We treat every serious customers as friends and always bring you the best shopping experience,  thanks very much.


  • Do you guys ship internationally?
    Currently we offer international shipping to Australia, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy and South Korea. If you don't live in these counties and want to buy our products, please click herehttps://www.dopestudent.com/contact/ to let us know, we will contact you at first time, thanks very much.